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Architects, Interior Designers, Project Managers and Builders

DBJ specialises in work for high calibre design and construction professionals. DBJ works collaboratively with you and your client to ensure plans are accurately translated in to reality. DBJ can provide advice on materials, fittings or other details as required to ensure the reality of each project is of the highest quality and reflects the vision of each client.


DBJ Direct Clients

Some clients approach DBJ directly to commission work. We offer an in-house design service for those who do not already have a design professional involved, to see our clients vision fully realized from design to completion.  We can link clients to a range of other suitable design or construction professionals if this is required or project manage this process. Please review our Process page for more information on how the design and commissioning process works.

Prototyping, Contract Manufacturing and Polishing

DBJ staff are highly experienced in producing one-off items and as a result DBJ is an ideal partner for those undertaking proto-typing. DBJ has strengths in design and problem-solving and solutions so is able to add considerable value to the proto-tying process. DBJ can also provide contract manufacturing and polishing services to other manufacturers or project managers. DBJ has full CAD and CNC capabilities and is a specialist in cost-effective short-run production. Call us directly to discuss production availability and costs.

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