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sustainable practices

DBJ Furniture has a strong commitment to environmentally responsible design and manufacturing. DBJ has been certified with the international ISO14001 certification from 2012-2018.

DBJ’s commitment to environmentally responsible design and manufacturing is a long-standing one. DBJ actively pursued better environmental practises before such commitments became a business imperative, from as early as 2002.  We are externally audited annually to ensure high standards of sustainability, achieving Enviromark Gold standard in 2005 and upgrading to become ISO14001 certified from 2012 till 2018.

​DBJ welcomes any environmental feedback from our clients and other environmentally responsible organisations, suppliers and providers.

Among many other environmental endeavours DBJ:

  • Utilises CAD and CNC technologies to optimise board use - minimising waste
  • Has an extensive recycling programme in place throughout our design and manufacturing facilities
  • Uses high quality, long lasting products in all our projects
  • Requires suppliers to keep us up to date with information about environmentally responsible products
  • Assesses all machinery and equipment purchases against power consumption and other environmental criteria
  • Regularly services and upgrades our vehicle fleet
  • Actively participates in initiatives by government and business organisations to promote environmentally responsible commerce
  • Participates in relevant sustainability focused research projects:
    Recent research projects DBJ has participated in include development of sustainable panel board options, a bio-adhesive project and a design project using harakeke
  • Helps clients make sustainable choices during the design phase e.g. using our Kitchen Sustainability Guide. Click thumbnail below to view this:​



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